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40!!! Not just a number, but the true spirit of fellow stars who took on the brave task of climbing up a snow-clad pass. The journey, which saw rain, snow storm, lightning strikes (Yes, LIGHTNING STRIKE), and monstrous winds, was all to witness the magnificence of the genuinely incredible Himalayan peaks - the magical SAR snow pass
The entire journey from the start at Chennai airport had been an adventure, a roller coaster of its kind, and filled with surprises at each point. But when stars are together, any challenge becomes a fun challenge, any task can be completed, and any feat can be achieved.

Ready to start the 5-day trek. On the first day, they experienced rains, winds, and a beautiful pathway to an unbelievable Grahan village. The hospitality was overwhelming at such a remote location, and the view was unmatched.

On the second and third days, they walked through some beautiful mountain forests, gaining more altitude, witnessing snowfalls and reaching points with breathtaking views of the majestic Himalayas. The stars were sure not to forget the night winds, especially Nagaru, which literally made the tents touch their noses. And then came day 4, when they conquered the snow-clad peak.


The longest day and perhaps the best day of the entire trip. It started at 4 AM and traversed through places which were breathe taking. The snow slides were a completely different level of fun for them to witness.

After a long five-day trip filled with lots of adventure, physical challenges, unforgettable scenic views and experiences, it was time for them to chill in Manali. They did not even remotely imagine that a quick river rafting could be so much fun in the chilled Beas waters.
Throughout the trip, one thing was constant - the laughter, chatter, non-stop noise by fellow stars, cheering by stars (and of course, Maggi and Chai all the time). Every moment of the trip saw stars coming together and achieving a task which looked so daunting. A truly deserved applause to all the fellow trekkers who now have a success tag attached to their bucket list of trekking the Himalayas.


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