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A one-of-its-kind event was organised for the members of the metro star club on the 19th of June. We took off in style on RYA Metro Star Airlines for an exciting journey AROUND THE WORLD.

Keeping the theme in mind, members were sent fancy boarding passes as E-invites prior to the entertainment event. Members were asked to dress up according to the destinations given on their passes. As the day of the event got, closer, multiple announcements were made on Whatsapp groups reminding the members not to miss their flight for the Trip Around the World. The build-up to the event gave us 170+ RSVPs, including member kids!




Radisson Blue, Egmore

After the announcement by the pilot and the fancy act by the air hostesses, the imaginary flight then took off to multiple destinations such as Pinnation, Buidment, Osaka, Quiztopher Colombia and Tiktok islands which were games based on the theme chosen.

The quiz game kept the entire audience engaged, and the day ended with Tiktok island - an activity where all teams performed a dance based on a video clip. They were energetic till the very end. Team Wanderers, captained by Surendar Gelada, stole the show and won the best team award. The members of the team were awarded. There were prizes for Best Dressed Female, which Komal Bothra won, Best Dressed Male, bagged by Sandeep Jain, Best Dressed Male Kid, bagged by Samaksh Gelada, and Best Dressed Female Kid, Bagged by Manvi Bothra. No doubt the event was the first of its kind in the city!

Members were shocked when ELD they were welcomed with an airport-like experience with the committee members dressed up as pilots and air hostesses, a Check-in counter and a runway to the hall. The check-in counter ensured that the members were equally divided into four teams.

It was a delight to see all the members dressed up for the event, and some even went the distance to play the role of the countryman to which they belonged. The mood and enthusiasm were high, and the crowd was settling down.

The crowd was rewarded for their knowledge about the globe, and the kids were entertained and taught the art of origami by an expert specifically summoned to teach kids the art of origami. Many kids made superb swans and paper clappers for their father as it was Father's day.

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