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Art is a pure form to express anything. RYA Metro star - an organisation of young people who come together to empower children using the art medium.

RYA Metrostar held a colourful event to beautify the walls through graffiti art as a small step towards this. Celebrating ten years of service through friendship, RYA Metrostar has organised this event to bring awareness about diversity among students. Sri Mudhra Arts Team did the concept and execution of the wall art.

Each country or state has its unique sports. The sports practised in each state show each person's strength, knowledge and will. Taking sport as the core concept, the wall art depicts various cultural and traditional sports such as Cricket, Hockey, silambam, cycling, swimming, kabaddi, basketball, karate, kalarippayattu, malyutham, rekla, jallikattu, several sandals, wrestling, Gilli danda and more across the wall.




Bala Mandir, Kamaraj Trust

During this event, Star Anil Dangi, Social Charity & Projects Director, expressed satisfaction that all the members of RYA Metro Star and their families painted the wall with great enthusiasm during the weekend. We could also witness the public who were passing by actively and willingly participate. The Police Department voluntarily joined the initiative during the event. The result is an absolute benchmark set in the walls of Chennai, with colourful thoughts reflected through sports.

This initiative will be continued on the remaining walls of the school with entirely different concepts. In our Future endeavours, we will try and engage the public at large.

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