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Months before the actual installation program, when I was asked by Ashwin Khariwal if I'd like to take charge of the Xth year installation , I was moved and excited. So I jumped at the opportunity and agreed as I enjoy script writing and directing. At that moment, I barely knew what I had agreed upon and where it would take me.

After several meetings, we charted out the plot and plan for action. The thrill of implementing the idea of a Money Heist concept persuaded me to make it a big success. The video shoot was done in 2 different parts. We shot the first sequence in Anna Nagar in classrooms introducing the team X as the Heist Members.

We also came up with an innovative Breaking News video, that was played on the day of the installation. The Second sequence was shot at the Installation venue, which was the Hotel Raintree, to give everyone an enthralling real-time experience to the heist.

Then came the D day- 10th April 2022 when the Installation Ceremony began with all the RYA metrostar club members gathered outside the banquet hall and the Team X preparing for the Heist inside the hall. After a scenario of drama and suspense, the Club Members were brought into the banquet and the M.O.C- Shradha Dugar, welcomed the gathering. After the auspicious prayer song, Kuthuvillaku was lit by Komal Khariwal, Neetha Jangda, Shreya Mehta ,Bhavana Bharkatia, Shruti Chordia & Nikita Marlecha. This was followed by a welcome address by Ashwin Jangda, the immediate Past President. Keeping his speech in his style- simple yet funny, Ashwin Jangda, as usually, brought a smile on everyone's faces.




Hotel Raintree, Chennai

The next suspense was just about to begin- When the MOC tried to take things forward, she was interrupted and the console lost its screen control and a video appeared on the screen which went to show that the RAINTREE hotel was under attack by the Heist Team x. With a gunshot noise and panic around, the team entered and captivated the attention of the audience. Within minutes, a team of 12 people took over everything under their control and portrayed their supremacy

The next 30 mins was pure entertainment for the entire club as the team performed a dramatic skit of the heist and in the end the President Ashwin Khariwal of team X was brought into the banquet by none other than the First lady Komal Khariwal. The members went ecstatic at their entry. The HEIST now came to an end and the President revealed the PLAN OF THEIR HEISTS for the entire year. Thereafter, Ashwin Jangda and Neeta were called upon to install the Xth President and the First Lady. On accepting the president ship Ashwin Khariwal delivered his speech and the Logo for the X year was unveiled.

The first edition of the Shout magazine and the calendar for the first quarter was released, giving us an overview of the upcoming events. Next, the new Board Members were introduced and inducted by Ashwin Khariwal and Komal Khariwal. Post the introduction, both, the past Secretary Shrey Mehta and the incoming Secretary Rahul Bharakatia were called upon for exchange of Charter.

Amongst the program attendees, were Presidents & Secretaries of various other clubs who congratulated the team for the splendid installation and wished them luck for the upcoming year.

And then suddenly, there was a flash mob performance by the New Members followed by their installation. The MOC then introduced the Incoming Co-ordinator Mr. Abhilash Khariwal & was requested for a speech

President & Secretary from various other clubs and attended and congratulated the current team. The event was formally wound up with felicitations & then the vote of thanks was delivered by the incoming Secretary, Rahul Bharakatia.

And That's A Wrap

The event ended with felicitations and the vote of thanks by the secretary Rahul Bharakatiya. Everything started and ended on time and that was the biggest takeaway for me. I was also appreciated and acknowledged from over 80 members for the flawless installation event with the suspense and drama that was ensured.

In the presence of over 140 members, I believe this installation was one of it's best kinds. We also had a scrumptious lunch after the installation event. I still get goosebumps recalling the day and the preparations that went behind to bring that event to the success it got.

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