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For the first time, we had an HR event focussed on first aid care - essential life support and cardiopulmonary re-cession training on Sunday 8th May at RYA Metro hall, T.Nagar. This was conducted by a highly trained team from Apollo hospitals.

In all our discussions for the event, we spoke about informative and educational events such as HR events. I can proudly say that the first aid awareness of essential life support and CPR training was on top of our list. With an unforeseen future, one never knows when they can be a hero by helping someone in need.


Mr Rajan was the coordinator and an assistant doctor who gave us in-person practical training.

Some of us even had an opportunity to demo it on the dummy. One and a half hours of the event went by quickly, and we had delicious snacks.

All in all, it was great learning for me, as being a first-time board member, participating in long discussions, and planning and executing the same under team X. With support from my committee and the entire board, the event was a successful one! I look forward to having more such informative HR events as I rightly believe what Sir Vivekananda once said - The gift of knowledge is the highest gift in the world.




RYA Metro Hall, T-Nagar

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