About Us

Know more about what we are and what we stand for.

RYA Metro Star is a non profit organization based out of Chennai, India. It was born as an extension of RYA Metro Club on its 25th anniversary. It is in return affiliated to the ancestor club RYA (Rajasthan Youth Association), which is over half a century old organisation. RYA Metro Star has a motto of serving the community at scale, that makes India a better place. Its registered trust is called RYA Metro Star Trust.

RYA Metro Star is comprised of 100+ members from varied & divers Rajasthani community. RYA Metro Star is a young, vibrant and dynamic group that is committed to give back to the soceity with varied social causes every year. As much as members, their spouses too significantly contribute to make a meaningful impact. It ensures to cherish fun and fellowship to create strong bonding between its members and families as a whole. Do check out the Social Causes section of this site to get a glimpse of all their projects so far.

Do browse through to check out its current leaders and get a glimpse of their social contribution so far. Feel free to write to us with any questions you may have.